The Lake County News-Sun endorses marriage for same-sex couples in Illinois

The Lake County News-Sun, a publication of the Chicago Sun-Times, has endorsed SB10, Illinois’s marriage bill. SB10 is currently awaiting passage by the Illinois legislature, and they are expected to hear the bill during the fall veto session, which begins on October 22nd.

The Lake County News-Sun cites that the Illinois legislature has waited too long on this issue, and are calling on them to take action. The Lake County News understands that allows same-sex couples to  marry will only strengthen Illinois’s communities and families.

“Rights are not merely a matter of political agreement,” the column states. “Some rights are conferred by a higher standard of fairness.We believe the right of gay people to marry and exercise the total societal privileges of that status is the fair path to travel. They are citizens. They are committed to one another.”

Illinois Unites for Marriage thanks the Lake County News-Sun for understanding that Illinois couples can’t wait for marriage, and adding their voice to the widespread support for the freedom to marry. We are at a tipping point, and it is time to promote equality for all Illinoisans.

CLICK HERE to see tell your legislators to support SB10 in the upcoming fall veto session.