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Sun Times Editorial: As Court Mulls, Bring Gay Marriage Here

For on-the-fence lawmakers in Illinois, there is but one take-away from Tuesday’s U.S. Supreme arguments on same-sex marriage:
In the name of justice, think globally but act locally.

Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy: Support Same Sex Marriage

In my travels, I've witnessed firsthand that gay and lesbian couples want to marry for the same reasons all of us do -- to share a lifetime of commitment.

Illinois, Take This Step

The Illinois Senate approved legislation that will legalize marriage between same-sex couples in Illinois. The Illinois House Executive Committee recommended passage of the legislation.

Members of Illinois Congressional Delegation Urge Illinois House Members to Pass Marriage Equality Bill

As a final vote in the Illinois House of Representatives looms, influential members of Illinois’ congressional delegation called on lawmakers in their home state to support the freedom to marry for gay and lesbian couples.

Faith Leaders Praise Marriage Bill’s Protections of Religious Freedom

With a vote fast approaching in the Illinois House of Representatives on a bill that would give same sex couples the freedom to marry, hundreds of faith leaders across Illinois are touting the bill’s strong protections of religious freedom for faiths that do not recognize same-sex marriage.

Opinion: Why I Changed My Mind on Gay Marriage

When I began working for the Illinois legislature four decades ago, same-sex marriage was not on the legislative agenda.

Renowned Chicago Athletes Support the Freedom to Marry in Illinois

As a decisive vote in the Illinois House of Representatives approaches, four celebrated Chicago athletes announced their support for extending the freedom to marry to gay and lesbian couples in Illinois.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel: “It’s Time for Illinois to Take the Lead.”

This morning, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel sent the below message to supporters of the freedom to marry in Illinois:

Here in Illinois, we’ve always taken the lead.

Chicago Tribune: The GOP Warms to Marriage Equality

Only one Republican voted for the same-sex marriage bill that passed the Illinois Senate on Valentine's Day. The measure squeaked out of a House committee last week without a single Republican vote.

Quad City Times: Gay Marriage is a Right For Illinois

Illinois is in the final stretch down a gay marriage path already charted in nine other states.