Take Action

We’re on the cusp of winning the freedom to marry in Illinois, but we can’t do it without you. Here are four actions you can take right now that will help us win marriage this year.

Sign the petition

We know that momentum to win marriage in Illinois is at an all-time high, but now it’s time to show it! Sign the petition urging Illinois state legislators to support the freedom to marry — and then share it with your friends.


We’re growing our campaign every day as more and more marriage supporters are joining us at phone banks and community meetings. Volunteers are at the core of our efforts to secure the freedom to marry, so sign up now to join us at a volunteer event near you.

Call your legislators

Calling your lawmakers and asking them to support the freedom to marry has never been this easy. Just enter your information and your phone will ring! We’ll connect you directly with your representative’s office so you can ask them to support the freedom to marry for all Illinois families.

Email your legislators

Tell your lawmakers that it’s up to them to act now to ensure that all Illinois families are afforded the security and dignity they deserve. Contact your legislators now.


Small donations and grassroots support are how we’ll win marriage this year, it’s that simple. Every donation brings us one step closer to living in a state where everyone has the opportunity to marry the person they love. Pitch in now and own a piece of this campaign.