The Time is Now: Meet Tracy and Michelle Simon-Selander


Tracy Simon and Michelle Selander met the way a lot of married couples meet- during college, at their alma mater of Northern Illinois University. The pair was introduced by their mutual friend in 1995. Though they did not immediately have a romantic relationship, the women were close friends for year and a half before they realized they were in love. “After graduation, we both moved back to our hometowns. It was during this time apart, we realized that we had something much more than friendship,” Michelle said. “I never wanted to be apart from Tracy. That was in 1997, and we have been very much in love ever since!”

The couple settled down in a home in suburban Elgin, with their daughter, Teagan. Tracy and Michelle always knew they wanted to have a family, and were thrilled to welcome Teagan to their lives. “She is so sweet, wonderful and caring,” Tracy said. “We always tell her how important it is to treat everyone equally, and we hope that she can see her parents get married soon so that lesson can become a reality!”

Though Tracy, Michelle and Teagan live their lives just like any other suburban family, they are treated as second-class citizens in Illinois. The couple has been together for 16 years, are raising a child together and share a home — but they are still denied thousands of critical protections that only marriage could provide to their family. “Marriage would not only ensure that our family is protected to the same degree as other Illinois families, it would also give greater security to Teagan, who struggles to understand why her mommies can’t get married,” Tracy said. “We know that marriage should be measured by how much two people love each other and want to commit to being together as a family, and it is time for Illinois to realize this as well.”


Illinois families like the Simon-Selander’s can’t wait any longer for Illinois lawmakers to pass the freedom to marry — there is too much at stake. “We shouldn’t have to take extra steps to protect our daughter in a state that we love and have built our life in,” Michelle said. “We are outstanding parents, neighbors, and community members, and we deserve to be respected as a family. Teagan has already started planning our wedding! She wants us to each wear long, flowy pink dresses, and for the ground to be so covered in so many flower petals that our feet never touch the ground. We know that after our wedding day in Illinois, it’ll be a long time before our feet touch the ground.”

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