NAACP backs gay marriage in Illinois

  ·  Natasha Korecki, Chicago Sun Times   ·   Link to Article

The NAACP came out today in support of gay marriage in Illinois with the Illinois State Conference President George P. Mitchell noting: "The NAACP was founded 104 years ago in response to the continuing horrific practice of lynching and the 1908 race riot in Springfield."

The national organization came out in favor of gay marriage about a year ago. Since then, the NAACP has worked in Maryland, Florida and North Carolina as well as Delaware.

"We think there is a state component to all of this," spokesman Derek Turner said.

In Illinois, the black caucus could be influential on the direction of the issue still before the Illinois General Assembly. "We work with legislators in the black caucus generally on issues," Turner said.

Mitchell noted in a prepared release today that the group's "bedrock commitment" to civil rights, includes marriage equality."The fight for freedom and equality encompasses all mankind," he said.

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