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Leaders from Illinois' faith, business, and African-American communities have made their voices heard in support of the freedom to marry for all couples. Below are links to the open letters signed by those leaders. 

An Open Letter from Illinois Clergy and Faith Leaders:

An Open Letter from Illinois Business Leaders:

An Open Letter from African-American Leaders:

An Open Letter from Latino Leaders:

An Open Letter from Athletes: 

An Open Letter from Members of the Illinois Congressional Delegation:

An Open Letter from County Music Artists:

Newspaper Endorsements

Daily Herald – “Editorial:  Gays, Marriage and Inalienable Rights,” 7/2/12
“We believe that if a committed gay couple wants to marry, they should be allowed to marry. And that marriage should be recognized by the state.”

Peoria Journal-Star – “Our View:  On road to inevitability, gay marriage makes Supreme Court stop,” 12/14/12
“Full civil rights for gay Americans is just the next domino to fall, as was once the case for black Americans, as was once the case for women.”

Chicago Sun-Times – “Editorial:  Legalize Gay Marriage Now,” 12/16/12
“The elected representatives of the people of Illinois should own this issue.  Legalize the gay marriage bill now. Stand on the right side of history.”

Chicago Sun-Times – “Editorial:  All we need is love – and marriage,” 12/25/12
“But if you’re a gay or lesbian, your unions are second class under Illinois law. Even if you already have kids, a dog, a minivan, the whole nine yards.  It’s time to fix that.  And a growing number of folks in Illinois agree.”

Pioneer Press – “Editorial:  Legalize gay marriage,” 12/27/12
“It’s time for gay marriage in Illinois.  Not in the distant future.  Not in the near future.  But now.”

Southtown Star – “Phil Kadner Column:  A Great Couple Forbidden to Marry by Ban on Same-Sex Marriages,” 12/29/12
“There are some Southland lawmakers who may not be comfortable voting for a law that gives same sex couples the right to marry.  I would urge them to think hard about their position and contemplate that history shows that discrimination, intolerance, fear and ignorance are rarely paths to spiritual fulfillment.”

Crain’s Chicago – “Sunil ‘Sonny’ Garg Op-Ed: Why same-sex marriage is good for Illinois business,” 1/2/13
“As seems always to be the case in our country's march toward greater pluralism, what was once improbable now seems inevitable. The General Assembly should do the right thing and give same-sex couples the freedom to marry.”

Chicago Tribune – “Editorial: Same-sex marriage for Illinois,” 1/3/13
“The General Assembly should waste no time making marriage equality a reality.”

Chicago Sun-Times – “Mark Brown Column:  Decade after domestic partnership registry created in Cook County, it’s time to make gay marriage legal in Illinois,” 1/4/13
“Some opponents will point to Illinois’ civil unions law, approved two years ago, and argue that this marriage bill is being rushed. The truth is that it has been a long time coming.”

Peoria Journal-Star – “Editorial:  Only a matter of time for marriage equality,” 1/4/13
“Marriage equality is coming. One will be surprised only if the Illinois Legislature does not pass a bill this spring.”

St. Louis Post-Dispatch – “Editorial: Saying yes to ‘I Do’ for everyone,” 1/4/13
“Marriage confers significant benefits on couples, and America has a history of ending discrimination when possible. For lesbians, gays and bisexuals, it’s possible now, and now is the time.”

Springfield Journal-Register – “Editorial:  Legislature should approve gay marriage,” 1/5/13
“Gay marriage is the civil rights issue of the generation that aged into adulthood starting with the new millennium.”

Daily Herald – “Burt Constable Column:  Society leads on gay-rights issues while 'leaders' dawdle” 1/8/13
“Illinois must stop messing around with the civil rights of gays and legalize their marriages, not only for today's couples but also for the couples to come. History is going to wonder what took us so long.”

Daily Herald – “Editorial: GOP Chairman Brady on the right track,” 1/15/13
“The tide is turning in Illinois for same-sex marriage. Potentially, with a more open social mindset, it also could be turning for the Republican Party as well.”

Daily Herald – “Editorial: Time for state House to join tide of history on rights” 2/17/13
“The Senate to its great credit took that step last week. Here's hoping the House, and perhaps even with a greater measure of open-minded Republican support from the suburbs, will move the bill toward the governor's desk in the week ahead."

Chicago Tribune - "Editorial: A Spouse is a Spouse," 2/18/13 
"Ladies and gentlemen of the House, it's your turn to step up." 

Daily Illini - "Editorial: State House and Gov. Quinn should make Illinois the 10th state to legalize same-sex marriage," 2/20/13
"And with that courage, we hope the House passes the bill."

Quad City Times - "Editorial: Gay marriage is right for Illinois," 3/3/13
"The question facing those reluctant Illinois lawmakers is not about their own personal beliefs on gay marriage. It is about their personal beliefs on discrimination. Which law-abiding groups do they purposely want to exclude under state law? Any answer but 'none' would be awful."

Chicago Tribune - "Editorial: The GOP warms to marriage equality," 3/3/13
"Nine states have approved same-sex unions. Illinois would do well to join them."

Chicago Sun-Times - "Editorial: An equality gut check on gay marriage," 5/13/13
"If Rep. Harris can find a few more votes, marriage equality will come to Illinois. Who will step up to be on the right side of history?"

SouthtownStar - "Editorial: Approve same-sex marriage in Illinois," 5/22/13
"Having passed the Senate on Valentine’s Day and enveloped in a growing sense of public support, if not inevitability, the same-sex marriage bill should be approved by the House." 


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