9 days, 20 organizers and 3 community meetings later

Yesterday was the first day on the job for the entire field team for Illinois Unites for Marriage. The team, lead by Keron Blair, has organizers from across the state and the country. The 19 organizers have an impressively wide range of political and issue organizing experience.

The organizers begin working in their districts this week. Their job will largely be to organize and mobilize thousands of people in key districts to take action to support marriage equality. They will build support among thousands of voters, recruit people to volunteer, train and engage activists and develop leaders in each district.

To support marriage equality is to be in the right side of history and to be among the majority. Unfortunately, it is not enough to just be right. To win equality, supporters of marriage equality must become vocal and visible in order to silence the often-loud minority. Over the next 95 days the field organizers will execute a rigorous organizing program that will do just that.

In addition to hiring staff, the leadership of the field team has been busy supporting community meetings in Boys Town, Waukegan and Metro East. During the meetings, campaign staff shared the vision of the campaign and energized the base to join the campaign. The meetings have been wildly successful! As many as 80 people showed up to meetings, many of whom signed up to volunteer and to be leaders in the campaign. The turn out at the community meetings show that people in IL are ready for the freedom to marry.

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