About Us

Welcome to Illinois Unites where you’ll learn to live healthy.

We are an organization that specializes in healthy living through an emphasis on exercise, nutrition, and advocating for better lifestyle choices. Our years of experience in the wellness and fitness industry has brought us to the realization that regular exercise, good nutrition as well as good lifestyle choices are all you need to enjoy a healthy life. The answer to all your problems whether mental, physical, emotional, professional or even relational is simply a good exercise regimen, good food and healthier living.

Through our platform, we’ll take you through an educative yet fun and interactive process of how to transform your life for the better. We believe that the solutions to bringing out the best version of yourself are within your grasp and just require you to make the right step in the right direction. Illinois Unites is simply here to give you that nudge as we believe that everyone requires that one person who will hold their hand and guide them to the light.

We welcome you to join us in this exciting journey that we guarantee will be a very rewarding experience.

We are delighted and look forward to interacting with you and getting your feedback.

Otha Falgoust – Founder, Illinois Unites